Rotary / Go West Outhouse Race

Outhouse Races pit teams of costumed racers against one another. One person rides inside on the ‘throne’ while the other two team members push the decorated outhouses down the racetrack.  This event is free to the public and is quite the spectacle, so don't miss this fun and hilarious event reliving history and honoring the golden age of outdoor plumbing!  10 AM, Saturday October 14, on Stroming Road near the gunfighters.

This year, contestants will have the option to enter an outhouse conforming to official World Championship regulations, or using alternate 'for fun' regulations.  The rules and regulations for both of these options, along with the race entry form and required waiver, may be downloaded from the links below:

Applications are open for entry into the 2nd annual
Mariposa Rotary Club Outhouse Race, this year teaming up with the Go West Festival as the opening event.

Questions?  Email Karen Smith at

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